Serotonin Winter Menu Degustation Dinner

Winter can be a dreadful season trying to fight off the common cold and flu. Did you know S.A.D.S (Seasonal Affective Disorder) affect our mood in this colder, darker and gloomier weather. 
If you’re struggling to meet that alarm in the morning, and wanting that extra 10 minutes - we have the solution to boost your energy and happiness again!

We have now launched our new Winter 2019 menu… which brings us to OUR LATEST EVENT.

Our Serotonin Winter Menu Degustation Dinner.

At Serotonin, we want to provide you a comforting, warm second home this winter. If you’re someone who struggles to choose what to order, this event is for you. Later this month we are opening our doors after hours and inviting you to taste what we have been working on for so many months. This dinner event will not only help support your body fight that bugging cold but bring you closer to loved ones.

Lifes a struggle sometimes, but our Serotonin Dealers have teamed up to make sure you don’t get stuck this Winter. Our new menu launched this week and we’re going to give you the opportunity to try all of our new dishes in one nutritious sitting. The ingredients our Head Serotonin Chef Johnny and his HAPPIE* crew have used for this 2019 Winter Menu are designed to help fight that Melbourne winter cold and keep your mood stabilised.

For this menu we have collaborated with Simon Hill of @plant_proof and Katherine Hay @katherine_hay_nutritionist for four new drinks on our Hydration menu. They’ve brought new and interesting health ingredients to our menu such as; reshi, lions mane, truffled mushrooms, vegan miso egg wash, pink cashew cheese, banana facon, garam masala and nutritional yeast

We know how hard it is to choose only 1 meal off our huge menu. So, don’t miss this glorious gathering of HAPPIES* to try everything and discover your new favourite way to happiness. What do you want this night to bring into your crazy life? - grounding, happiness, laughter and love? Have you ever wondered why your so exhausted and constantly running on the treadmill without a break?

The Serotonin Dealers want to bring a balance into your life by providing love in all foods and speech. This event will open up a brand new space for you to live that HAPPIE* life you want.

You’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor and (if you have any questions LETTUCE know). Find out what your favourite new comforting meal and drinks are! On the night you can tell us by sharing the hashtag #WEAREHAPPIES

All meals will be available vegan and gluten-free.
Please let us know any food intolerances or allergies
Wednesday 24th of July, 2019 - 6pm - 8pm
Serotonin Eatery and Utopia Place - 52 Madden Grove Richmond 3121

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