is the world’s first happiness centre. Everything here evokes smiles. I worked with a colour phycologist, so on entry to the sanctuary you should feel an instant calming sensation. I was sick of going for brunch and leaving feeling worse, so I created Serotonin to be a ’day spa for your gut’ and my menu is gluten, sugar and dairy free (with additional garlic and onion free options). As dogs contribute to our physical and emotional well-being, I ensured I included a dog friendly courtyard where you can enjoy the sunshine with your pups. To avoid queues, you can now book your table, swing or Japanese tatami booths online and avoid delays! If you are needing a co-working or study space, please come in on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 8am - 11am :). Needing WIFI? Don't worry, I offer FREE WIFI to ensure you can get your work done. 
My friendly and smiling Serotonin Dealers are passionate and always willing to help explain anything to you! We offer a safe space and welcome any dietary requirements you may have. We love nothing more than making you and your gut smile!!  For those beautiful days, (or high energy kids) I have free picnics baskets and blankets for hire to use in the beautiful park opposite our Eatery.


Serotonin, is determined to combat S.A.D.S (seasonal affective
disorder) and bring back the spark in your life. Serotonin organise weekly FREE group exercise.
Every fortnightly, we have our FREE EXERCISE followed by post workout chats and breakfast at the happiest place in Melbourne.Meet up with Tim from Jetts, a Qualified Personal Trainer, at 7.30am in front of Serotonin on Saturday.
Get your endorphins pumping, raise those positive vibrations and increase your weekend productivity by starting your weekend with an hour of movement surrounded by high vibes motivated Happies.*
You will leave this session buzzing, smiling and ignited to kickstart your day. Serotonin is bringing you back to basics, and it’s a safe bet you won't be able to wipe that smile off your face (despite having an increased heart rate).
Serotonin Exercise is expanding and we're very excited to welcome our Pilates Instructor from S3_studio Elise onboard!!
Every week, on Wednesday from 9.30am meet up with Elise for our FREE Mums and bubs Pilates followed by post mums workout chats and breakfast at the happiest place in Melbourne. Greet your Wednesday mornings with 45min specially designed mum and bubs pilates sessions, you will explore what it is like to start your day in a more self-nourishing and mindful way.
Our Mums, Bubs and Toddlers classes are designed for Mums to bring the kids along and get a good workout at the same time!
Run by our Pilates Instructor Elise, all exercises are specifically designed for what your body needs at your current fitness level. The perfect combination of Strength, Clinical Pilates and Fitness allows you to leave feeling stretched, strengthened and relaxed.
Mental health is a cause close to the heart of Serotonin’s founder Emily Hazell, who has experienced her own battles. Emily was determined to claim back her health, and a huge part of that was focusing on the food she was eating and the way she was moving her body. Through her Happiness Centre, she’s able to pass on everything she has learnt, and a huge part of that is remaining positive and sharing true happiness with a smile by creating “a hub for the community.”

By choosing Serotonin Exercise as your weekly training you’re not just getting a workout, you’re joining the movement to become the healthiest, happiest version of yourself.


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 The Serotonin Education program is based on Emily’s “Serotonin Formula”. The Formula is a 12-step guide to natural happiness and has been designed in coordination with doctors, psychologists, food scientists and dieticians. The Formula is utilised across all areas of Serotonin – Eatery, Exercise and Education – and forms the foundation for the Serotonin lifestyle movement. Our Education program is about creating an understanding of how our bodily systems (i.e. our brain, hormones and digestive system) regulate our mood. Through regular seminars held throughout the year, we aim to share simple techniques with the community that can be seamlessly incorporated into our daily routine, improving quality of life through happiness.

Put your happiness first and join the Serotonin movement.