Serotonin Mother's Day Charity Dinner

Let's be real, when was the last time your mum had an actually 'free' night that was just all about her?

When you think about your mum, you can’t help but smile?

Is your mum the type of lady who is always putting your happiness and the happiness of others before her own?

Don’t even know where to start to celebrate your mum the way she deserved?

Give your mum what she really wants this year: quality time with her favourite child! (YOU, obviously). The Serotonin Dealers are putting on a special degustation dinner for Mother’s day, so you can say thank you to your Mum for all the times she put YOUR happiness first. Save yourself the time-consuming planning involved for that kind of event; Serotonin has you covered from A to Z.

Treat your Mum to a mood-stabilizing, high-tryptophan meal that is guaranteed to make her feel happy and loved from the inside out. We have designed this dinner dairy, sugar, and gluten-free and use only the best complex carbohydrates and healthy fats to make up our dishes, so you and your Mum don’t have to worry.

I am sure, as many of us, you usually rely on your mum whenever you need a family event organised. This year, be the one in charge and make this celebration super memorable for her! She will surely be impressed! Let us make the magic happens, and don’t worry, you can still take all the credit!

Tables are booked in groups here and can be bought for friends, family, or work colleagues.

Want to bring your dogs with you? As family celebration should be for the full family, we have tables available in our backyard to celebrate your mum with every single member of your trib included the furry one.

Our kid's menu is available for kiddos under 8 years old.

The dinner will be held at Serotonin Eatery in Richmond at 6pm and run until around 8pm.

10% of the profit will be used to buy clothes to help an aboriginal community in need.

Gununa is a community situated on the south-west of Mornington Island, the largest in the Wellesley Islands group in the Gulf of Carpentaria. If you would also like to help, please bring any kid's clothes you can donate especially- boys 10-15.

This charity goal is to ensure children and families are happy, healthy, and safe. This goal is possible when families can provide their children with the best possible foundation in life. Their mission is to provide safety, opportunity, and dignity for children and families.

This evening will be life-changing for your body and mind!

If any guests of your group have any dietary requirements, we can help, simply e-mail at least a week prior to the event.

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