Rise and Shine Book

This softcover book combines my two passions- healthy, delicious, easy food and sustainability. It holds all the recipes from ‘An Inspired Life’ and ‘It Starts With You’ plus 30 brand new recipes. Everything you need in terms of cooking, DIY and sustainability is all conveniently wrapped up in this 370 page book.

Inside this book you will find:

130+ plant-based recipes (all recipes have a gluten and nut-free alternative)
Breakfast, small meals, salads, mains, sweets, snacks and drinks
DIY recipes for your house and body
Nutrition charts showing the best plant-based sources of vitamins and minerals
Tips for transitioning to a healthy, plant-based lifestyle
Tips for kids
Information about essential oils and non-comedogenic oils
Seasonal produce chart
How to prepare dried legumes
Tips to reduce negative impacts on the environment
Sustainable brands
Waste-free resources

All books are printed in Australia on ethically sourced paper.

To avoid sending fees, pick up your order directly from Serotonin, 52 Madden Grove in Burnley.