What is Sea Moss?

Sea Moss: What is it?

Sea moss is a small, spiny sea vegetable primarily used by humans as a supplement due to its wide range of health benefits. Although many people know it as sea moss, the scientific term for our sea moss we use here at Natures Farmer Sea is Eucheuma Cottonii, found in most of the worlds tropical oceans as it thrives in warmer water. It’s an edible sea plant, and can be likened to other one’s humans consume like seaweed, algae and other leafy vegetables such as kelp.

Sea Moss comes in various colours including different shades of:

Dr Sebi was a famous Doctor who advocated healing various illnesses in the human body through an Alkaline diet. Dr Sebi also believed and practiced creating an Alkaline environment within the human body allowed for optimal health and vitality, sea moss was one of the main ingredients he used to help patients and himself with all manner of health issues.

As more people have become aware of sea moss in recent years, they have fallen in love with it due to its many uses and health benefits. Sea moss is naturally rich in an abundant amount of minerals and vitamins strongly believed to contained 92 of the 102 minerals that our bodies need to function. Along with being used as a supplement for its various health benefits, sea moss is also commonly used in vegan food to enhance the consistency as well as being used in topical masks to help various skin routines and issues.

Top Health Benefits of Minerals Found in Sea Moss:

Sea moss is widely known for its many health benefits as its rich in many vitamins and minerals that our bodies consistently need to remain healthy. Just some of the vitamins sea moss contains are beta-carotene, vitamin B, vitamin C and sulphur as well as minerals such as magnesium, manganese, calcium, phosphorus and zinc.

Research suggests that sea moss contains an abundance of iodine and is a great supplement to add into your everyday diet to hit daily recommendation targets for both adults and children. Maintaining healthy iodine levels in the body are important for healthy hormone levels and good thyroid function. When your thyroid is functioning correctly this can correlate to a healthy metabolism which may also promote natural weight loss.

Another micronutrient found in sea moss is boron, which research has suggested has numerous positive benefits for the body. Some of the reasons boron is an important mineral is that it is essential for brain health, hand eye co-ordination and focus as well as bone growth and maintenance, improves wound healing and beneficially impacts the body’s use of vitamin D, estrogen, and testosterone.

Sea moss contains multiple properties that aid in:

  • Regulating your appetite
  • Influencing your fat metabolism
  • Modulating your guts good bacteria
  • Sea moss helps regulate your appetite by helping increase your feelings of fullness when eating. This is primarily because of the naturally occurring carrageenan that sea moss contains not to be confused with Poligeenan.

How To Consume Sea Moss:

Sea moss comes in an abundance of forms, helping you consume it whichever way you prefer. Sea moss in gel form is our most popular way, in our experience we have found this to be the most beneficial form and most bio-available getting those minerals straight to work.

Sea moss gels can be consumed in various ways, from adding it to your daily smoothie and juices. The gels have Zero Ocean Taste are all delicious and have their own amazing unique flavours.

From the 9th of November, we integrate Sea Moss from Nature Farmer Sea to our New Menu, available in one of our new smoothie as well as a booster to any of our smoothie menu. Ask our friendly bar team to have a try, you won't regret it!

Source: Naturefarmersea

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