What are Elixir drinks and How they can help you?

What is an Elixir ?

An Elixir is essentially a magic potion for your body! A natural drink with medicinal properties that help to heal the body. This dates back to medieval times when ancient Greeks would create Elixirs in which they believed would give them immortality. 

Now an Elixir usually has natural active ingredients and is made to take daily to naturally assist the immune system and help with any illnesses and ailments. Something that is very much needed as we are now in the flu season and immune systems may be slightly under performing after being locked indoors all of 2020! 

Why do we think you should introduce Elixirs into your diet?

Elixirs contain a bunch of natural and healthy ingredients to help our bodies fight against diseases and help us to be our best smiley selves. 

At Serotonin we have a few of Elixirs you have to try!

  • Cacao Elixir Latte with Lion's mane and Reishi mushroom, turmeric, ginger, on our house-made 70% dark hot chocolate with organic raw cacao + grated cacao butter, spun on organic coconut milk, it's the perfect drink to have with our Positive Pancakes or our Peanut Butter Sweet Potato Brownie. Makes you feel cozy & good afterwards 
  • The Immune Elixir Martini is one of our favourites! We created this drink full of micronutrients and perfect any time of the day! It’s a health shot served in a martini glass with lemon, apple cider vinegar, serotonin honey (from our bee hive) & cayenne pepper.
  • Sero-Tini Cocktail the ultimate health shot served in a martini glass with fresh lemon, turmeric, ginger, apple cider vinegar & cinnamon.

But wait, there's more: you can make any of our drinks an elixir simply by adding one of our boosters as Reishi Mushroom, Lion’s man, Shiitake & more, check our full menu here.

While our Elixirs may not give you immortality…. they give you a natural boost to your energy and help your organs function better!

One of the main ingredients we love adding to our Elixirs is Tumeric! Turmeric has amazing benefits such as:

  • Brain food booster
  • Anti inflammatory for any pain you may be experiencing
  • Can help lower blood sugar levels
  • Assists in cleaning out arteries 
  • Liver detoxification and more!

How amazing is that? Just adding this spice to your daily routine can see a big change to your body.

We are all about food that nourishes our bodies at Serotonin and our Elixirs are certainly something to try if you are looking for that BOOST! 

Don’t forget, every time you eat you are either feeding disease or fighting it

Enjoy, Happies! 


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