Top 9 things for a sustainable 2021

Unfortunately if we continue living the way we do as a society and not showing accountability for our actions, we will not have a planet to look after! By changing a few of our daily routines and adding small practices into our lives, we can change the direction we are headed and preserve our environment for future generations to enjoy. Here are our top 9 things to do for a sustainable 2021.  


1-    Farmers Market

It’s no secret that the product you get from local farmers’ markets is one of the freshest and highest qualities you can get. You cannot beat the crunch when you bite into a juicy pear or the sweetness (with a hint of tang) when you pop a blueberry in your mouth. Supporting our local farmers and buying produce when it’s in season, helps contribute to a healthier and sustainable environment. Less transportation is needed, less refrigeration is needed and farmers can continue to grow their products and make an income in order to sustain their business and not be pushed out. 


2-    Delivered organic box    

What better combination than home delivery and fresh organic produce? Match made in heaven we say! Getting your organic fruit and veg delivered supports our organic farmers and ensures they can continue with their protocols to remove chemicals and pesticides to ensure your body is thriving! These protocols support our environment as they remove pest control and toxic chemicals.


3-    Beeswax wraps & vegan 

Most of us are aware of the damage plastic has not only on the environment but to our bodies! It is hard to break down and is not eco-friendly. Whether you are vegan or not, Wax wraps are the perfect substitute for plastic. They eliminate the need to wrap your food in petrochemicals (that traditional cling wrap has), are reusable, reduces food wastage, and can be broken down! With the choice of both Beeswax wraps or Vegan Wax Wraps, it ensures that everyone is catered for and can reduce their footprint in some way!      


4-    Reusable Bags

With the change in supermarkets now making you pay per plastic bag; it’s no wonder people are searching for alternatives! As plastic is causing significant damage to our environment, it is up to us to start taking ownership and limiting our use. Why not get your hands on reusable grocery bags that you can take with you and reduce your environmental footprint! 


5-    Keep cup

Does your morning routine include a visit to your local café to get your daily caffeine hit? Instead of using their cups, why not bring your own keep cup? Here you can reuse it every day and help reduce your waste which therefore benefits our environment and helps preserve it for future generations! Bonus- most cafes offer a discount if you BYO your own cup! 


6-    Metal Straws

Most plastic straws are non-bio-degradable. Every plastic straw we use, increases the chances of another animal being harmed (have you seen the video of the turtle getting a plastic straw up its nose? Warning it will break your heart). Due to the lightness of these straws, they can easily be blown away into our ocean- resulting in it being the 7th most collected material on our beaches! To reduce this, why not invest in a metal straw which can be easily washed and reused. 


7-   Preserve the harvest

Brought too much fruit or veg one week? Looking like it’s going to go off before you have the chance to consume it all? Why not look at how you can preserve this product instead of throwing it out. Our favourites are dehydrating, freezing, or evening preserving in glass jars for later consumption. Want to get more creative? Try preserving your own lemon or make your sauerkraut like we do at Serotonin! 


8-   Compost food waste

It is easy to put our food scraps in the bins. But why not use this waste and make it into something that will benefit our environment. Food waste compost is a perfect solution to using up waste scraps and can help the growth of our home gardens! This not only decreases your carbon footprint but reduces your landfill use and can get you in the garden which can benefit not only your mind but overall wellbeing! Little weekend project- yes, please!


9-   Eat less processed and packaged foods 

We unfortunately have become a society that loves convenience. This has resulted in the increased consumption of packaged and processed foods- which has ultimately decreased our overall health. Why not reduce your intake of these foods and start eating whole foods that come straight from the market and will leave you feeling more vibrant! The closer the food is to its natural state, the better it is for us. Try eating more fresh fruit and vegetables as snacks instead of relying on packaged and processed foods. Watch the change in your body and feel it thrive from within! 

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