Tips for Keeping Your Gut Healthy This Summer

What makes summer months hard for gut health?
Summertime is known to be brutal on your digestive health, putting a healthy gut to the test and making any pre-existing GI conditions worse. A few of the primary factors that can lead to less-than-optimal digestive health and concerning gastrointestinal symptoms, like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and constipation, include:

Dehydration: High temps translate to your body consuming fluids to remain cool at a faster rate, and you may be failing to replenish those fluids.
Inconsistent habits regarding eating: If you’re traveling or indulging in summer treats, it can prove difficult to plan ahead for a healthy meal.
Exhaustion: Your summer activities may leave you running low on energy, which ultimately impacts your digestive health.
If you suffer from an existing GI condition, then watching your summer months carefully can mean the difference between a summer spent in healthy enjoyment and enduring complete discomfort. 

How does one maintain gut health during the summertime?
With some careful planning, you can ensure a healthy gut over the summer. Enjoy your vacations or relaxing beach days comfortable in the fact that you are taking precautions to make certain your gut also has a marvelous time. A sampling of the simplest practices you can use to ensure your summertime health include:

Drink plenty of water: Remain hydrated, specifically in the event that you are spending time in the sun and sweating profusely. Dehydration may cause constipation, along with additional bothersome digestive woes.
Consume fiber-rich foods: Eat some dark green veggies and add some delicious summer fruit to your diet to maintain your fiber consumption, which boosts digestion.
Probiotics are your friend: Your digestive system contains a distinct balance of good bacteria. One way you can aid in your gut wellness is by lending support to those beneficial bacteria with probiotic foods and supplements.
Plan meals strategically: Those summertime treats may be fun in moderation, but always try to plan ahead for healthy dinners to be sure you don't put your digestive system into overdrive.
Get a reasonable amount of exercise: Stay aware of any extreme humidity or heat warnings, but a leisurely jog around your neighborhood before the sun is high is a fabulous way to ensure your gut stays active.

Keep a healthy summertime digestive system
The summer months can force your digestive system to labor harder to keep your body healthy and functioning properly. Give your gut the gift of good health during the summertime, and be sure to practice healthy habits that will make sure you don't have to waste a second of your summer feeling under the weather. 


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