The Serotonin Dealers Gratitude Journal đź““

  One way to practice gratitude is to keep a gratitude journal.
Below are my gratitude journal prompts, pick a few that resonate with you & answer each morning

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  1. What’s something that you’re looking forward to?
  2. What’s a simple pleasure that you’re grateful for?
  3. What’s something that you grateful to have today that you didn’t have a year ago?
  4. Write about a happy memory.
  5. Write about someplace you’ve been that you’re grateful for.
  6. What’s something about your body or health that you’re grateful for?
  7. Open the door or window and look outside. What’s something you’re grateful for outside?
  8. What’s an accomplishment you’re proud of?
  9. What’s a possession that makes your life easier?
  10. Open your phone and find a photo that you like. Why and what are you grateful for this photo?
  11. What have you been given that you’re grateful for?
  12. What’s something or someone that makes you feel safe?
  13. What artist, author, or musician are you grateful for?
  14. What do you like about your job?
  15. How are you able to help others?
  16. What public service or organization are you grateful for (i.e. the library or fire department)?
  17. What book(s) are you grateful for?
  18. What piece of clothing or furniture are you grateful for?
  19. Write about a friend that you’re grateful for.
  20. Write about a teacher or mentor that you’re grateful for.
  21. Write about a family member that you’re grateful for.
  22. What did you accomplish today?
  23. What’s a tradition that you’re grateful for?
  24. What’s one of your personality traits that you’re grateful for?
  25. What mistake or failure are you grateful for?
  26. What skill(s) do you have that you’re grateful for?
  27. What’s something that you bought recently that you’re grateful for?
  28. What’s something that you made recently that you’re grateful for?
  29. Look around the room and write about everything you see that you’re grateful for.
  30. Write about 3 things you’re grateful for today.

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