CHRISTMAS IS APPROACHING! Lets support our amazing local brands and give gifts that actually have meaning and are beneficial for our health.
Christmas creeping up?

Haven’t had time to buy Christmas presents yet?

Prolonging going to the shopping centers to try and buy last-minute gifts?

Wanting to support local businesses and buy quality items?

Serotonin has the answer for you!

Behold the Serotonin CHRISTMAS MARKET.

That’s right. We understand that it can get frantic at this time of year with work finishing up, preparations being made and trying to prepare yourself for the Christmas rush. That is why we are wanting to provide you with a Christmas market full of LOCAL products to support our small business owners.

Imagine. One room. 10+ local stall owners. Local goodies. Yummy snacks. And an atmosphere that won't leave you running out the door and contributing to your heightened stress levels (we are no Chadstone, that's for sure).


You will leave with:

  • Your Christmas list ticked off
  • Presents that are beneficial for our health and have meaning to them
  • Stress levels decreased
  • Heart rate decreased
  • A feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment, followed by a smile you will not be able to wipe off your face!

The Important Bits:

    • Serotonin Eatery and Utopia Place - Richmond, Melbourne
    • 12pm-4:00pm Saturday 21st December 2019 (our second last day before the Christmas break)
    • All the gifts you need in ONE room
    • Talk to each of the local stallholders and find out about their stories
    • Bring your own reusable bag to put your gifts in (we love sustainability!)
    • Your keep cup because you deserve a coffee after ticking off your list 

Avoid the hectic Shopping centres and come to our Christmas market. Support the local business owners and give presents with meaning and are beneficial for our bodies! 

Stall Holders announced:

 Warning- Mariah Carey may be making an appearance over our speakers with a bit of ‘all I want for Christmas…’

Come celebrate Christmas with us before we shut the doors for Christmas break!

See you Saturday 21st December.

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