How to celebrate Christmas with your Friends!

Friendsmas is the new Christmas because friends are the family you choose!!

Looking for healthy and fun (insta-worthy) things to do in Melbourne?

Want to ditch the awkward family photos and uncomfortable conversations?

Then celebrate differently, enter Friendsmas. Yep, Friends + Christmas, a place where you can gather to have fun and merriment around that most joyous and jolly of times, Christmas. There’s no kids table, and you don’t need to tell your auntie (again) that yes, you’re not married, or don’t date boys. Plus, it’s an awesome excuse to get the gang together and eat some nourishing food.

Work Christmas parties and end of year family catch-ups are fun, but there is nothing we look forward to more than a friend's Christmas catch up. After the year 2021 has been, we don’t need an excuse to celebrate with those other truly special people in your life over various festive foods!

So if you love food and the holiday season as much as we do and don’t want to bother with the organisation - we have everything you need! Remove the organising and stress & let us create a memorable Christmas reunion with your friends!

The Serotonin Dealers are hosting our 2021 Friendsmas, in the spirit of Christmas! Community is one of our highest values, and coming together for a meal with friends is one of the best ways to boost your serotonin.

Tickets are $69 per person and include an incredible Christmas themed nourishing entrée, Serotonin main, organic dessert and hot and cold drinks.

We only have 28 tables set for the evening, ranging from 2 people - to fun groups of 6 or more. So grab your buddies and join us to celebrate our favourite time of year!

Christmas jumpers or any costumes and red and green clothing are highly recommended.


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