How to Be Happy Naturally
- The Serotonin Formula

I’m so excited! Ever since I started Serotonin, I’ve wanted to teach people how to be happy, and now I am! After years of scientific research and putting my findings into practise, I’ve put together what I call ‘The Serotonin Formula’ - my 12 steps to natural happiness.

Be happy naturally. Track your progress on each of the steps at home, here. 

Of course, my personal journey to find happiness is where the idea for Serotonin started, with what I call my “mood funks”. A light way to say I struggled to get out of bed, with binge drinking, chronic sickness, and was at times, suicidal. Few people know this, with a lot more to be said about it in my book to come. Long story short, I went to the doctor's office, and was told to take antidepressants. This terrified me! I knew nothing about it, but luckily had the inkling to research it on my own.

What I found was even more terrifying. Reviews from 3 different women, all saying they started on anti-depressants, and now couldn’t stop. They were stuck on them! It got worse for them, and now they were reliant for life. It was another negative, but I was looking for positives, and not for more problems. I’ve now realised in life I don’t have problems, only challenges, and challenges have solutions.

Hence my decision to stray from the conventional path, and begin my quest to cultivate “natural happiness”.

I started Serotonin because amidst my mood funks there were no resources out there. I had to research it myself, and now because I’ve changed my own life and feel so good, I don’t want anyone to have to go through what I went through.

Now I feel like I’ve discovered a secret. Not only was I able to make myself happy naturally, AND from such a low point. More recently, I’ve experienced health, family, partner, and business challenges (more to come on these), that could’ve made me fall into a deep depression  (at least the old me would have), but I didn’t. Even with my health compromised, I kept my head high.

Were there things I had to change? Of course! But because I was still happy in myself, I was able to quickly get my life back on track.

I felt like I had this secret weapon in my pocket that I could pull out whenever times got tough. Then I realised, I did! ‘The Serotonin Formula’ - my 12 steps to natural happiness.

That’s why I’m so excited to share these steps with you on this blog and in more detail in my book to come!

Be happy naturally. Keep an eye out for my upcoming book which will be released in the new year! 

Yours in Happiness,

Emily - Your Head Serotonin Dealer 

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