How Serotonin is leading the way for being sustainable, ethical and environmentally conscious!

At Serotonin, we are continuing to adapt our practices in order to remain at the forefront in sustainability within the cafe scene. As leaders in this area, we are ever evolving and implementing different protocols to ensure we can reduce our carbon footprint and preserve our planet for future generations. 

Here is what we are already doing in our cafe to ensure we practice what we preach and ensure our Friendly Acts contribute towards a clean & HAPPIE* earth:

  1. Reusable straws in all our smoothies & juices (both metal and paper straws available)
  2. The use of Biodegradable containers for takeaway orders (easy compost friendly!)
  3. Paper bags to place our sweet treats in and other takeaway orders (no plastic here!) 
  4. Environmentally friendly take ‘with you’ reusable knives, forks and spoons 
  5. The choice to become more sustainable by offering reusable items to buy such as straws, tote bags, drink bottles, and coffee cups (from our favourite brands kappi & frank green) 
  6. Seasonal menu to ensure our fruits and vegetables are true to that season and therefore reduce the amount of products being brought from overseas! 
  7. We opt to make as many of our products in-house to reduce packaging where possible and showcase our amazing talent! Have you tried our house-made Almond Mylk or vegan feta?
  8. Our coffee orders come in large tins instead of single use bags
  9. At Serotonin we always encourage our staff to cycle to Work. This not only reduces our carbon input but exercise and fresh air promotes Serotonin and therefore happiness! Have you ever wondered why our dealers are extra happy? 

We like to think outside the box, so here are a few practices we are EXTRA proud of and may encourage you to think of creative ways to become more sustainable and environmentally conscious too!

  1. Have a garden? We give away our coffee grounds to customers for composting!
  2. Only eating the inside of a banana? We hate wasting produce so we repurpose banana peels in our menu! They are tasty!
  3. Teabags getting wasted? We brew our own tea using loose dry leaves (which can be made into compost later!)
  4. Go through a lot of toilet paper? At our Eatery we use ‘who gives a crap’ recycled toilet paper with 50% of the money being donated towards building toilets in developing countries! Now we are truly creating change! 
  5. Addicted to coffee? But do you know exactly where your coffee is coming from? We partner with an environmentally conscious coffee supplier so we can ensure the amount of coffee we go through isn’t damaging our planet!

*Happie: noun

A highly motivated and optimistic individual. Who’s compassionate, practices gratitude and has a strong sense of community. Who understands themselves, their health and is a big believer in using food as medicine.

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