How does Serotonin celebrate your birthday?

Birthdays are our favourite time of year. For one day you can make it all about you- or if you are into birthday weeks or months we won’t judge ;). Continue the party so it never stops.

With so many things to do, it’s hard to pick one way to celebrate your special day. A lot of our choices can result in nasty headaches, cloudy memory or decisions we may regret later on... This is why we decided to start really celebrating birthdays here at Serotonin! And when I mean celebrate, I mean celebrate! What better way to spoil yourself or someone close to you than at the happiest place in Melbourne? 

Book the Japanese booths, get nice and comfy and let our dealers do the rest for you. If you prefer the swings, book our swings and swing into birthday happiness (warning: you will struggle to wipe that smile off your face as childhood memories will flood on in). 

Upon request, we will have candles ready to go, our vocal cords ready for action and smiles that will bring ultimate happiness. This day of the year deserves to be celebrated! We love birthdays and believe there is no such thing as being OTT (over the top). You were born on this very day so the world deserves to know. Hint hint, you won’t be leaving without a little treat from us!

Spoil yourself or your friend for their next birthday and leave without a hangover or a headache and instead, a tummy that will be charged and nourished. Your energy levels will have you peaking on a natural high from our beautifully crafted wholefoods menu and smiling from the inside out (your liver will thank us ;)...unless you want a little spruce in your juice, we can always arrange for this... 

Want to take your birthday to the next level? Celebrating a special milestone or just feel like being extra (it is your birthday after all)? Book our private event space at Utopia Place where you can host your birthday celebrations. We have plenty of packages that we can alter to suit your budget and requirements. Head over to our website to inquire about this space and let us craft together a special event that will leave everyone talking!

Serotonin wants to help you spoil yourself and celebrate the most important day of the year- YOU!

We can’t wait to meet you.

Warning- no one leaves without a little tune sung and a smile on their faces ;)

Smiles, Emily Hazell

Founder and head Serotonin Dealer xx

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