9 Ways Serotonin Dealer
Starts Her Day = HAPPINESS

Well, we’re definitely into 2017 and I’m still writing 2016. Most people's resolution was to be healthy, or at least healthier than last year. And here starts my letter. A healthy day begins with a healthy morning, and I want to share my tips for starting your day on the right foot.

Before I start with my morning routine, I would like to tell you about my night routine. I need 7+ hours of sleep, 9 is great! So if I need to be up at 7am (why is it us Melbournians are not earlier rises like Sydney and further north?) I need to be asleep by 10pm. So instead of setting a morning alarm and waking with an almighty jolt. I set a "night alarm", allowing me to wake refreshed and naturally... My alarm goes off at 9:30pm, this gives me 30 minutes to do my pre-bed routine, a post for another time.

I always pack my bags, and get my work clothes out the night before. If you ask the Serotonin staff they will say I'm an organisation and system freak, but this allows me to get to sleep easy knowing I'm 100% ready for the next day, it also reduces stress in the morning when you "can't find your car keys". Also, before you go to bed, open your blinds, this will allow the natural morning light to wake you gently, not a fluorescent bedside lamp.

So onto my mornings, I usually wake up from 6:45am. From there I've been sitting straight up and getting into my morning meditation. For my meditation i simply set an alarm, even just 5 minutes gives me time to breathe and have a calm start to the day. Because, once I'm up, even to go the bathroom, my brain is already off and racing, so this is something that has been incredible for me. I'll also note that I keep my phone out in the kitchen from 9:30pm - until 8:30am after yoga, to ensure it doesn't distract me.

Meditation is a great way to start the day and strengthen the relationship between your mind and body. I need you to not think about -MEDITATION- as this big scary out of reach thing. Simply put, it means focusing on one thing. Whether a flame, a mantra or your breath. My favourite meditation tool is the “One Giant Mind” app, it’s made up of really simple 15 minute guided meditations for beginners, and that was exactly where I started not so long ago.

I always make my bed as soon as I get out of it: A clean space means a clear mind, it's a great way to start your day on a positive note. By doing a task straight away, it sets the mood for the day for me and creates a nice space to come home to after a long day at work.

After I'm up I hydrate, I don’t love water first thing so I normally have an organic ACV grape juice from Mrs Bragg's, I know you've heard it time and time again, starting your day with water will help wake you up, kick-start your metabolism, and hydrate your body. Extra points if you add a lemon!

If it’s a colder morning I’ll make a tea. My tea sommelier at Serotonin, Sarah has the most incredible organic single origin teas and I always start my day with one of the blends we have in the shop. At the moment I’m loving the Lemon Myrtle and Ginger!

Then I normally go out to my balcony and watch the hot air balloons sailing over a bubble gum Melbourne sunrise, my friends tell me they’re sick of seeing the sunrise on my Instagram! But I just LOVE Melbourne! One of my secrets to happiness is to always have an "attitude of gratitude." I sit on my balcony and listen to the birds, sip my perfect tea and nothing could take away the happiness I am engulfed in.

Now it’s time to exercise, eat and finally make a start on my goals and tasks for the day. Exercise gets your blood flowing…and it feels so good! Yoga is my workout of choice but do whatever works for your body and lifestyle, even if it’s just a couple of sets of pushups while your breakfast is cooking! I feel the best when I have a have a huge veggie juice (celery, cucumber, ginger, lemon & beetroot), but otherwise, I eat high water content fruits; usually ripe bananas in a vegan smoothie or watermelon with passionfruit.

Daily I use the Mi-Goals diary! At the top of the page, it has 5 things you're going to do every day for that week! This week my 5 daily goals are; drink 3L of water, practice my handstands (I just do 1 a day in my hall way when I wait for the lift and every single day it's gotten better!), meditate, do 100 calf raises a day (I have plantar fasciitis from the concrete at Serotonin!) and swim in the ocean- how good is this weather!! Then I set 3 things I'm going to do that day, I usually, do them by 11am, and then I start on extras!

Finally, you may have noticed I didn't make time for a coffee... This is because I avoid all stimulants. No caffeine, sugar or alcohol. This means throughout the day I have stabilised energy and don't crash!! I really feel this is my secret to getting so much done! Don't get me wrong- I still eat fruit until the cows come home and a Cacao Coconut Latte or Golden turmeric Latte are how I still get to enjoy a hot drink, balance out my hormones and have sustained energy.

I hope you've picked up a few tips on how to start of your day and 2017 on a positive note! Just remember to always have an attitude of gratitude, and wear a big smile- it's the best (and cheapest) accessory you have!

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