5 ways to meet people in Melbourne

New to the area? New to Melbourne? Wanting to expand your network? 

It can be awkward and hard to meet other like-minded individuals. With nearly 5 million people in Melbourne, surely there needs to be a way to connect with others without awkwardly going up to them or having to go on bumble bff (hey no judgments here but trying to spark a conversation to be like ‘hey let’s be friends’ can be challenging at times). So I explored a few ways to meet new people and won't leave you awkwardly staring at your phone, waiting to see if they reply or not…

1- Serotonin Exercise 

What better way to get closer than to sweat it out with other like-minded individuals?! Each month we will be holding a FREE Serotonin Exercise session on a Saturday where we can laugh, cry, winge and curse through the burn as we do another push-up or drop for another burpee together. Experience the burn and leave the session with a blast of energy as you can connect with the other happies* who just sweated out with you. No awkward weather conversation starter needed! Head over to our facebook page to stay connected. 

2- Serotonin Education Sessions

As you may be aware, we love to put on events for our community. We are all for connecting and bringing together like-minded individuals who care about their health and wellness. Each month Serotonin will be organising various Education Sessions that will not only benefit your health and wellness but allow you to meet and network with other like-minded individuals! Keep up to date on our socials so you can secure your spot at our next Education event.

3- Join a gym or boutique studio

Now when I say join a gym, I don’t mean your typical gym. I mean one that is all about group fitness classes or a small boutique studio where the same people come in daily. It can be hard when you go to generic gyms as there are so many people coming and going constantly. Different faces and never really seeing the same person twice. That's why when you join boutique gyms, it allows you the space to interact and meet other members in a smaller and welcoming space. Hint hint- yoga studios are perfect as everyone is generally down to earth and super zen afterwards!

4- Meetups

Have you heard of Meetups? Yes, there is a website that hosts various group meetups where you can join a local group, try something new or do something you love with other like-minded individuals! This platform is all about building and finding local communities to bring together. You can create your own meetup or explore and join another. WIth various meetups targeting various individuals, you will never be short of options! Check it out here. 

5- Volunteering

What better way than to give up some of your time and help out the community whilst meeting other individuals at the same time. Volunteering is a great way to give back yo your community and meet others who have a similar train of thought. Nothing feeds the soul better than when you give up some of your time and see the difference you are creating. Some volunteering ideas include; marathon events, charity events, soup kitchens,  or even heading over to seek volunteer website to find a job that sings out to you. 


*Happie: noun

A highly motivated and optimistic individual. Who’s compassionate, practices gratitude and has a strong sense of community. Who understands themselves, their health and is a big believer in using food as medicine.

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