4 companies to support Women in Business in Melbourne 

These women are not just creating businesses to make money. They are creating businesses in order to have a positive impact on society. In order to create change within society and educate them on ways to obtain optimal health full of smiles and good times. 

1- @Serotonindealer

You may have either seen my face at Serotonin Dealer or on our Instagram account - Serotonin is my baby! I established Serotonin Eatery as I sought a place where I could be motivated daily and connect with like-minded individuals looking to embrace a positive lifestyle. I longed for a 'no-brainer menu', where every dish was nourishing and remove the need to narrow it down to just one ‘healthy option’. In order to keep this dream and passion of mine alive, I will continue to engage with my community and ensure that you leave my cafe with positive vibes and a smile on your face! 

2- @keep.it.simple.shani

If you do not know Shani, then I suggest you head over to her Instagram where I can guarantee you will fall in LOVE with her. With her strong obsession for food, health, and nutrition, my dear friend Shani created Keep it Simple in order to help the community who suffer from food intolerances and give them easy to follow recipes that won’t leave them unwell! From providing free recipes on her website, creating her own ebook and offering catering services, there's nothing this powerhouse female cannot do!

3- @kappi.life

Founded by a husband and wife, this beautiful couple is creating a movement with their reusable alternatives to single-use plastic items. Reducing their footprint and educating their customers on the importance of reducing their plastic consumption, they are on a mission to End Plastic Pollution in order to protect our planet. Here at Serotonin we have joined this movement and hope our community will follow this as well in order to protect our environment and restore it for future generations to enjoy.

4- @retreatyourselfbox

Founder Kate Williams came from the corporate scene and saw first hand what happens when one's health is not where it should be. Retreat yourself box was born from the desire to create ‘a product that wasn’t just a ‘product’, but actually had a hugely positive impact on someone’s quality of life. Something that encouraged them to slow down and pause for a moment to refill their cup, that helped them find more happiness, fulfillment and a sense of wellbeing in the hustle and bustle of this modern world.’ What a superstar! Retreat yourself box offers guidance and reminds us to look after ourselves and prioritising our own health and wellbeing. 

So there you have it. 4 empowering females (with the addition of a husband and inclusion of myself- not stuck up just proud of my mission!) in the Melbourne business scene that are creating change. That are initiating change. That are impacting the lives of society in a positive way. Show your support by supporting us and our missions and helping others along the way.

Smiles, Emily Hazell

Founder and Head dealer xx

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